Step into my world of art and wanderlust!

As an artist with a heart that beats for exploration, I find inspiration in the hidden corners of the world.

My current base (and a muse) is Amsterdam, the city that echoes with artistic vibrancy. And yet, my love for adventures doesn’t sleep and I am eager to leave a piece of my soul everywhere I go.

Being an artist, to me, is like being a traveller of the soul. Each canvas is a journey, and every brushstroke tells a tale of the places that my heart has touched.

I believe in connecting the dots between travelling and creativity.

Every place I visit, becomes a palette for my artistic expression.

I relish the alchemy of mixing the elements of inspiration, cooking up a recipe of joy, dreams, and an appreciation for the simple pleasures of life.

My goal is to serve this artistic feast to you, inviting you to the savour of colours, textures, and stories that unfold with each stroke.

So join me on this visual voyage by picking a painting, which talks to you.

Give the walls of your hostel, cafe or a house a new life by getting a colourful mural.

Find a secret artist in you and unleash your creativity in one of my workshops!
Or just feel free to follow my artistic adventurous journey or you can show your support by buying me a coffee: )

Much love
Andy Avocado